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Safe Harbor Match Calculator
Basic Match 100% up to 3% , 50% next 2%

Use this calculator to estimate match or shore up shortages created during the year!

RULES: Enter from 1 to 20 employees

not to exceed $250,000
for 2012 & $255,000 for 2013
ENTER: SALARY DEFRRAL, not to exceed $22,500 for 2012 & $23,000 for 2013

NOTE: Compensation is the ANNUAL amount earned even if employee has stopped deferring, be aware of the compensation definition in your plan document b/c some newly eligible employees may use compensation from a different entry date (i.e. July 1)

This SH Match calculation is almost always off on an annual basis due to the fact that the employee is due SH Match on their full year (annual) salary even if they stop deferring money at anytime during the year. Now you can be assured that you are
contributing the right SH Match for your employees

For best results, enter only numbers and do not include commas.
Example $63,500.77 would be 63500.77
Also, be sure to enter data in the "name" column and only enter
information for participants who have deferrals.

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